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alex and sierra walking on the beach

Alex Kinsey & Sierra Deaton aged 22 years old met unknowingly on a beach when Alex was riffing tunes with his guitar in a truck.

They became best of friends and Alex would often suggest Sierra to accompany him for his usual music gigs.

They soon realized their potential co-ordination which seemed fit for stage performance and their combination was honest, and enthralling.

In 2011, they started dating, fell in love. It was the right way for them to push together as a couple. And the magic worked.

The popular hit T.V reality interactive talent hunt show X-Factor finds new voices which raised the bar for top contender spot in previous episodes.

The duo, who are currently studying at the Central Florida University’ are a sure shot couple to watch out for. Their pathway to stardom is imminent.

This is a proud moment for Mr. Simon Cow-bell, I mean Cowell. The creator of the show known for being uptight, pompous, and downright critical tells us that Alex & Sierra are the best contenders till now for the top spot and he wished them to be victorious.

Their intention was to get Mr. Cowell’s honest feedback as they believed he was a no non-sense and straight shooter when it comes to being a judge.

They were shell shocked to get thumbs up when screened singing Britney’s - Toxic.

Initially, all were unsure of their singing potential.
Most of the performance they did not impress in astounding proportion. But the time came when they wowed by singing Grease track duet >- You are The One I want
. Their stage presence was elevated with the track Robin Thicke’s – Blurred Lines. Simon had no qualms sending these duos into the next round hoping they would create an aura.

Furthermore, they sang their heart out with the number from Marvin Gaye’s – Heard it Through the Grapevine impressing Mr. Simon all the way. Unexpectedly they faced a technical hurdle and had to prove yet again with Give me Love of Ed Sheeran. Similarly, they unruly number Addicted to Love did not create waves with the panel judges. Later they performed Best Song Ever by One Direction for top 10 contender-ship redemption.

They made it through for top 8 with Taylor Swift’s – I Knew You Were Trouble and they had no trouble singing Destiny Child’s - Say my Name while Kelly Rowland being one among the judges. She loved the bit and green lighted.

For the top 4, there was a high and rush of emotional lift when these two love birds Alex & Sierra took down the crowd with their soulful singing at the noteworthy T.V hit shot X-Factor’ hosted by Mario Lopez and the panel judges Demi Lavato, Kelly Rowland, Paula Rubino were wowed by the outstanding, stunning stage presence and spectacular performance by the affable duo.

They sang cover songs from A Great Big World’s Say Something which peaked top the charts of radio for No. 1 spot over iTunes and Simon’s favorite act he claimed.

The second song was from Sara Bareilles – Gravity at No. 2. Despite the flailing rating they received throughout the entirety of the season, they have created a name for themselves as one of the most promising couple with endearing performances and happening duet of the four contenders.

They sang what the audience wished to listen and soulfully connected with them. Mr. Simon Cowell made a humble statement regarding them quoting it proves that they these two are from small town o have what it takes to make the cut into the next phase of aspired musicians

Only days away from the finale of The X Factor, the cutest duo are still in a bit of a pickle choosing the right song. People love them and will have the highest regards for them to claim the title.


Artist: alex and sierra.

T.V Show: The X-Factor.

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